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treatment for TB

Pharmaceuticals through its marketing divisions, Maneesh Healthcare & Svizera Healthcare, conducts ‘Continuous Medical Education' programs, in the arena of Tuberculosis management, Infertility Management, Menopause & other diseases management & control
TuberculosisManeesh Healthcare (A Division of Maneesh Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.) periodically conducts CMEs understanding the emergency in this sector. These CMEs are held at the highly TB burdened places in India like Lukhnow, Varanasi, Agra, Patna, Gaya, and Begusarai where many leading TB Specialists and Chest Physicians compliment us with their presence.
Infertility Svizera Healthcare (A Division of Maneesh Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.) transcends the definition of a Pharma Company when it participates with doctors for detection and precision treatment.
For precision treatment in infertility Svizera Healthcare brought a fusion of infrastructure and expertise through the value added IUI Workshops at various mid-sized towns in India.
Menopause Considering that nearly one-third of a woman's life now in India is spent in menopause, the option to manage the same must be assured and without any undue fears.
In order to spread the awareness of PhytoSERMs – A Novel Approach to Menopausal Management, Svizera Healthcare (A Division of Maneesh Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.) is organized seminars in July 2005 for the concerned Medical Profession in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi & Kolkata. Besides Dr Israel Yoles and Dr.R.K Sanghavi, reputed gynecologists from each of these cities.
Unlike the popular option of hormone replacement with estrogen that increases the risk of breast cancer, Femarelle is the safest solution for the miseries and complications of menopause. Says Dr Israel Yoles, MD, of the Sheba Medical Center , Tel Hashomer, Israel , and also the Medical Director of Se-cure Pharma, Israel ,“Femarelle has proved through many clinical and basic studies that it is the ultimate alternative to the existing treatments available today including the different Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), bisphosphonates etc.”
Epidemiological study data has revealed two times more coronary deaths, and two and half times more breast cancer deaths amongst those in US as compared to the Japanese. This has now been definitely attributed to the differential intake of the magic soybeans and products derived from the same. Soybean is the source of phytoestrogens, which has the same potential as estrogen to correct its deficiency, but without the inherent risk of cancer-causing side effects.
The single and safe solution is thus the phyto-SERMs which is the main component of Femarelle.

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Treatment for skin related disease

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skin care in ayurveda unities and information.
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